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Our universal model is convenient for diverse toilet designs and different dimensions of the chambers.

Marcel is Shit&Blossoms basic model. It was firstly designed for the big chamber systems where leakings over the separator is not problematic because it goes directly into the solid container. As our separators are plastic free and more hygienic solutions made for DIY toilets, designs and options of such are really vast. By the time it has proven in praxes that it is suitable in much more variations, designs and even in some industrial toilets, then just for classical compost rooms. That is why we like to call it Marcel the universal model.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for free consultation if you have any doubts what separator is more suitable for your solution or read our Guide to selecting the right separator.


Height 195mm, Lower edge 75mm, Ellipse 190x295mm

Weight varies between 500 and 700 grams

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Our universal model is convenient for diverse toilet designs and different dimensions of the chambers.

Marcel is Shit&Blossom’s basic model. When we first designed it, we had in mind the big chamber systems. Here, occasional leaking over the separator is not a problem, because it goes directly into the solid container. Marcel, like the rest of our separators, is made from porcelain – high-quality, durable hygienic material. Being the universal model, Marcel will fit almost any toilet design – from classic composting rooms to industrial toilets.

Need more info?  Contact us for a free consultation if you have any doubts about what separator is more suitable for your solution or read our Guide to selecting the right separator.


Height 195mm, Lower edge 75mm, Ellipse 190x295mm

Weight varies between 500 and 700 grams

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    Urine Separator Installation - Separator models dimensions



    Floran model has a hook that is specially designed to be attached to the bucket/box in the small chamber systems. That hook, or the lip, prevents the urine from leaking on the edge of the bucket and eventually ends up on the floor of the toilet. It is also fixing the whole system from moving, so it is a good solution for the houses on wheels (vans, campers, buses, etc.).

    Marcel is a more universal model, it is usually going on the big chamber systems where if this leaking happens, end up in the chamber itself. It can also be used in the bucket/box systems where these leaking are not from the big importance (for example garden toilet) or you have designed your toilet in some other special way to prevent it.

    As all our models are handmade by artisans, due to the nature of the shape with that hook, making Floran requires double more time then Marcel.

    Porcelain, beside all hygienic qualities, is forever lasting material. Remember the Chinese vases from the T’ang dynasty? Just be careful not to break it!

    Porcelain is, simply said, the cleanest clay used in making the wide range of ceramic products. It is fired on high temperatures (1250° Celisus) to achieve qualities as compact, hard material with extremely low porosity even not being glazed.

    Glaze gives the shine and helps us to maintain it more easily.

    Porcelain is used in medical and industrial applications like chemical ware, dental crowns, and electrical insulators and in all bathroom industries from tiles, baths to toilets. In one word: No.

    We always highly recommend using natural products for cleaning. It can be from industrial natural chemicals, your favorite small handmade brand, or if looking for the simplest and cheapest solution vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, alcohol or soap are always doing the great job.

    Whatever cleaning solution you choose, flushing with vinegar is recommended monthly. This way you prolong the life of the plastic pipes too.

    Porcelain urine separator is resistant to scratching so you can use the hard part of the sponge too if needed.

    As porcelain is not soaking odors it is not necessary to flush water every time after urinating. Approximately half of a cup is enough time to time or each time.

    Just be sure not to keep the mix of the urine and the water sitting in the pipes.

    No, they are not.

    All the images of the fittings seen on the website are just for illustration purposes. We do not provide pipes and fittings because our separators are going on a wide diversity of designs. Our models can fulfill this universal need, but one type of the fitting can’t.

    Also, diameter of the pipe on the separators is 35mm which is a pipe standard that can be found worldwide.

    We in Shit and Blossoms believe in lowering the plastic consumption in general so we try to offer products with the same values. We are also supporting reuse and recycle initiatives and we know how much our customers are creative with their designs and solutions.


    The process of composting already starts in your bucket/chamber. There are a variety of composting methods and microorganisms that we can work with. Also we can use different starters to speed up the process.

    Most vital questions when choosing the right method for you are: “What will I do with the final product (humanure compost)?” & “How much space do I have for composting?”

    This mostly depends on the composting method you choose. Generally speaking human feces will decompose in 6 months but if wanted to be 100% sure, leave it for another 6 months before usage.

    Fresh, no. Please avoid cleaning methods that require direct handling with fresh (not decomposed) feces.

    This is mainly applicable for the small containers (bucket toilets) or chambers that are filled up fast (like festivals, events). For small systems, try to use bags or leave filled and covered buckets to decompose.

    If you are hosting a large number of people during a year/seasonally consider having more toilets (or bigger chambers) that can be used until the filled ones are composted.

    You can use humanure the same as you would use compost. If you are doubtful or have any concerns using it in gardening, you can always place it above the trees or in the flower pots.

    Human urine is high in nitrogen and is sterile and safe for use as fertilizer as well as an addition to composting. If used as fertilizer doesn’t forget to dilute it with water 10:1 because urine is too strong to be used directly on the plants.

    Yes, you can. Leftovers from our body during antibiotic treatment will kill some number of microorganisms in your compost or soil but it will not affect either composting, soil or plants.

    To be able to have an effect on humans, they would have to 1) survive in the compost and soil, 2) be taken up by plants, 3) remain intact in the edible portions of the plant. This is impossible.

    It depends on many factors: putting a toilet paper inside the bucket fills the volume much faster; voluminous covering material will also decrease the space; diet habits and our health influence how many times we go to the toilet per day, also women use it more when in the cycle; the individual factor where two people can eat the same amount of food and to discharge very different amount.

    If you are new to composting toilets, start the trial first for a week or month to be able to precisely calculate your usage.

    Self-built waterless toilets use cover material instead of the water flush. The litter or cover material purpose is to absorb smells, moist and help in correct decomposition. For that reason we choose everything that is carbon-rich such as: wood-shavings, sawdust, chopped straw, chaff, coconut coir…

    If you are a compost beginner, start with the wood-shavings for the pets or sawdust. If using a sawdust preferably make the mix – large chunkier bits and powdered – large gives the air to the compost and the powdered sawdust takes the moist out (but be careful – powdered alone doesn’t do the work!).

    Oh yes!

    There are many home-compostable bags on the market but The Better Packaging bags are awesome! They have the same lifecycle as our solid material, approximately 6 months, and they really disappear in the compost, no micro-plastic. They are safe for worm farms and bokashi.

    No, they are made from corn starch and non-toxic binding agents.


    Yes! Everywhere! We ship worldwide!

    We are aware how fragile porcelain is, and as a handmade production we really want to escape all the possibilities for breakages to happen. Our pieces are very carefully packaged although sh** happens!

    Please read our Shipping and Return Policy.

    As Serbia has special agreements for free trade with some countries we do provide the additional papers for the custom to help our customers not paying the duties. Unfortunately this varies from custom to custom and country to country.

    Please inform yourself about the importing taxes and importing rules in your country.

    As soon as we get the tracking code we will let you know by email. You can track it on your local Postal Service websites (your Country’s Post Office website).

    You can contact your local post office or postal custom office and ask about the parcel with the number we have provided you. Also there is a possibility to apply for lost parcel track and trace with that same number. If you have additional troubles with finding your package you can get back to us and we will try to assist you by applying the same papers from our side.

    We are really sorry if this happens! The only way we can support you is to give you the 30% for your new purchase. Just hint at the message explaining what happened and you will get your Coupon Code.

    Please contact your Post Office and do the same as with the lost package procedure.

    We are really trying to capture the exact color and the details, also to inform you if there are some deviations from the image. But please consider that these are art crafted products and each piece is unique, so personal impression can vary from reality and image.


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